Why It’s Not E-mail Versus Twitter.

Bill McClosky wrote a thoughtful article for ClickZ on the prospect of Twitter replacing e-mail in E-Mail Versus Twitter. He says that “the debate was kicked Fightoff on a blog post by Bob Frady, a marketer most recently at Live Nation.”

Well, my first reaction as a B2B marketing copywriter is how can one possibly tell any kind of a beneficial product story in 140 characters?

But then I realized that people’s learning, researching, shopping, and buying habits are not universal. For instance, there was never a true conflict between catalogs and retail stores. The fact is, some people prefer shopping from catalogs while others prefer shopping at stores.

People are people. Some may get introduced to a new product idea on Twitter. Later they may look for content about it online. Next they may register and download a white paper. Then they may get e-mails from the company making the product telling them more about it and inviting them to see a demo or attend a Webcast. And so it goes.

This is just one scenario, of course, but there are no absolutes in how each person likes to get his or her information at each stage of the buying process. An understanding of human nature makes it clear that it’s not probable for one contact option to win out over all others.

Like Bob Frady, I am not a personal fan of Twitter. But as I reported in an earlier post, Getting over our own marketing bias, looking at things from our own point of view is a common marketing problem. Good marketers find ways to get over it.

So it’s not e-mail versus Twitter. Twitter is just another channel to add to one’s integrated marketing and PR programs. That’s all there is to it.

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