B2B marketing that motivates business buyers to buy

Geoffrey James on BNET writes about the “The 7 “Emotional Hooks” for B2B Selling.” It’s a great reminder that human nature plays a role in all decisions. He asks if he missed any in his article. The answer is actually “yes.” His list of emotions that influence buying decisions is not quite complete.

Hero EnvelopeFor instance, as a B2B copywriter, I often use the “hero” approach (which always works by the way). There’s nothing more emotional than wanting to be the hero. I first used it for FirsTel, an early US WEST company (now Qwest), back when people wore ties to the office. It’s an emotional approach that even works on IT Executives.

So where did I learn that the underlying motivation for all decisions is emotional, even B2B decisions? By reading Successful Direct Marketing Methods, originally by Bob Stone, now by Ron Jacobs.

In it are listed all the emotional drivers for a decision. They fall into two categories: 1) the desire to gain and 2) the desire to avoid loss. Here is what is listed in the book:

The Desire to Gain
To make money
To save time
To avoid effort
To achieve comfort
To have health
To be popular
To experience pleasure
To be clean
To be praised
To be in style
To gratify curiosity
To satisfy an appetite
To have beautiful possessions
To attract romantic partners
To be an individual
To emulate others
To take advantage of opportunities

The Desire to Avoid Loss
To avoid criticism
To keep possessions
To avoid physical pain
To avoid loss of reputation
To avoid loss of money
To avoid trouble

Because this is such an important topic to B2B marketers, you’ll see more about it here in the future. But I’m glad others like Geoffrey are spreading the word.

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