Two ideas in 20 seconds.

The days of “all I know is what I read in the paper” are long gone. I still read the newspaper, but it’s so small these days that it provides just a fragment of Newspaperwhat’s going on in the world. Since much of my world is about B2B marketing, the newspaper is virtually worthless.

So to keep up with what’s being said and done in B2B and direct marketing practices, I take a quick daily visit to LinkedIn, then review the blogs that I’ve marked as having frequently valuable insight and information. Reviewing these favorites yesterday, I said, “This must be sweeps week — everyone seems to be putting out their best.” It was so good, in fact, that I thought I’d share two of them today:

Casey Hibbard of Stories that Sell announces the new online pub started by Michael Stelzner and colleagues. It’s the perfect resource for folks like me who need to get up to speed on the best use of today’s social media tools. Thanks for bringing this to our attention, Casey.

Ardath Albee on her Marketing Interactions blog talks about an often-overlooked option for creating lead nurturing content in “Articles are Food for Lead Nurturing Programs.” I’ve always liked using articles because they are quick and easy to create. She provides many other reasons why and how businesses can leverage articles as effective marketing content.

So I am a bit wiser today thanks to the bloggers in the word — hope you are, too.

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