Two cool (and useful) services for B2B marketers

I’m not getting paid to endorse these services, but once I discovered them, they went on my “must have” list immediately. I have been recommending them ever since to all B2B marketers in need of the type of support they provide.

Each fills gaps in the B2B marketing process that enhance both marketing and sales. When you read what they provide below, I’m sure you’ll agree.

1. Enhance the power of B2B marketing campaigns.
In building relationships with customers or prospective customers, nothing beats a personal phone call.

But with today’s extensive voice mail systems, getting through to anyone by phone is virtually impossible. Boxpilot, a service I discovered over 10 years ago, takes this reality and turns it into a big communications advantage.

Their service is called “guided voice mail.” It combines the cost savings of automation with the human touch to help you make an effective phone contact with prospects or customers. Guided voice mail is a great option when B2B marketing or sales wants to . . .

  • Generate leads and close sales.
  • Boost attendance to seminars and conferences.
  • Upsell and manage relationships with valuable customers.
  • Communicate fast with customers, prospects, partners and the press.

Here’s how it works:
First, someone from the B2B company records the appropriate message via phone onto the Boxpilot system. The calling list is uploaded, and a day and time period is chosen for the calls to be made.

On that day and in that time period, Boxpilot uses live human agents to make the calls.

Live agents are used because they can get through reception and/or navigate the phone automated system to make sure the message reaches the right voice mailbox. Once the correct voice mail is reached, the agent then pushes a button and plays the recorded message.

If the targeted individual actually answers the phone, the agent will hang up. This is done because B2B marketers don’t want their recorded message played to a live listener, which would defeat the entire purpose of having a recorded message sound like a “real, personal” phone call.

When the recipient hears the B2B marketing/sales message, it sounds like a real message to them personally.

When I used this service, I sent a direct mail letter to prospects, then followed that mailing up a week later with Boxpilot guided voice mail calls. When one of the prospects responded to the marketing, she said, “I got your phone call,” having no idea it was a pre-recorded message.

A quick online search brought up other companies offering this service (Virtual Causeway, Aspyrion). I have no personal experience with these firms and their may be others.

A personal phone call can be the magic ingredient in boosting marketing and sales success and Boxpilot is a cost-effective, convenient way to get it done.

2. Make the most of trade show-generated leads.
Every company manages its trade show booths and lead capturing differently. But it’s likely that each booth is manned (off and on) with sales people, marketers and/or product specialists. Controlling how each of those people captures information from booth visitors can be a messy and inconsistent process.

Then along comes NewLeads. Their service helps B2B trade show exhibitors consistently capture quality info from each booth visitor, then seamlessly integrate that information into the company’s SFA, CRM or marketing database.

A business makes a huge investment when it contracts for a booth at a trade show or conference. Collecting a stack of business cards is virtually worthless. Printing paper cards to be filled out by each visitor is inconsistent, then requires time-consuming data entry. Only a computerized system, electronically capturing pertinent and consistent visitor information, can deliver what B2B marketing and sales need to make sure the show generates a return.

That’s what NewLeads provides — trade show lead retrieval systems, lead management and lead capture solutions users can purchase or rent. B2B marketers can also get customizable visitor surveys and have the generated lead records imported into their CRM or other system overnight.

Justifying the cost of exhibiting at a trade show requires making the most of every contact made at that show. I think this solution is a great way to make the most of that cost.

I encourage B2B marketers to add these services to their marketing bag of tricks and keep them ready to pull out when the need arises.

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  1. Bill Cooly
    Bill Cooly says:

    Others that also provide guided voicemail are: Infolink, Voicelogic, and Beep.

    They seem more affordable and also provide other elaborate B2B communcations services.

  2. Randy Klim
    Randy Klim says:

    There are two more competitors that offer guided voicemail services, and they are and


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