Perfectly time your contact with B2B buyers.

It’s widely understood that most B2B buyers conduct product or service research on the Web during the buying process. Knowing when they do this online research can give B2B marketers great insight into what marketing practices to put in place and when.

Fortunately, Derek Singleton, a B2B Sales and Marketing Analyst for Software Advice, studied data from more than 6,000 visitors to their site to discover when this research is performed and when is the best time to pick up the phone and call these prospects.

His post “B2B Buyer Behavior—Web & Phone Channels Industry View 2013” tells it all. B2B marketers will want to review his entire report, but here are highlights of the valuable data he uncovered:

  • Call leads fast—really fast. When they call a lead generated on the Web within 5 seconds, the odds of qualifying them are 29 percent higher than if they are called within 5 minutes.
  • Tuesday through Thursday is the best time to reach buyers. Leads that come in Tuesday through Thursday qualify at twice the average qualification rate as other business days.
  • Don’t underestimate the opportunity around the holidays. The week before Christmas is surprisingly active for conversion and qualification rates.

This information is not only over-the-top valuable for managing the staffing of your inside sales force, but it reveals that offsite meetings and other “non-sales” activities should be scheduled for Mondays or Fridays. Marketers might even consider some weekend staffing for those leads that do their research on the weekends. These leads could easily be lost or overlooked if they don’t receive a well-timed call.

Of course, this data is based on the practice of the prospects and customers of Software Advice, so marketers may want to study their own data to make sure these findings apply to their business and market. It’s great information that can make a fast and direct impact on the bottom line.

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