One little B2B marketing copy secret I learned in sales.

B2B marketing best practices are being hammered into B2B marketers’ heads from blogs like this one, Webinars, videos, live presentations and more. The mantra is the same and it’s the path that’s been proven successful by B2B marketers time and time again:

Offer educational content to attract qualified prospects, then use further content and product information, case studies and more to nurture those prospects through the buy cycle until they are sales-ready.

It’s the perfect formula for large-ticket B2B products and services that have a long buy cycle. But what if the product or service being sold isn’t a big-ticket item that has a long sales cycle? Or what if a prospect being nurtured has moved into the evaluation stage of the buy cycle?

Then it’s time for B2B marketing messages to start “selling.”

That’s when many marketers make this little mistake in their messaging — to talk about the product, then state that a company representative will be calling. That is not a good tactic. Once a prospect is told that someone will call, that prospect no longer has any need to initiate a call to sales.

Sales people know that, when a prospect calls the company, the sales person has a big edge in the conversation.

So B2B marketers need to support sales by using messaging that encourages prospects to call, and not mention that a sales person will call, even if they are planning to do so.

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