Monday’s pop quiz on smart data practices.

Those who have been in direct marketing for eons, as I have, know that lists/data are the most critical elements in the success of any database marketing campaign. Yet my daily mail and email consistently illustrate how many companies are not conducting even the most basic list targeting practices.

Could your company be one of the culprits that are neglecting basic database practices? Take this little quiz, and see how your practices measure up.

  1. Are you renting lists or appending data to your in-house list to make sure your prospects are qualified for your offer? I get business offers online and in the mail that are clearly selling products only large firms would need or could afford. By simply appending employee size to a list (available from data solution providers such as companies would eliminate those records that are too small to qualify.
  2. Does your company or organization run its house list through NCOA at least once a year? NCOA is a National Change of Address database provided by the U.S. Post Office. The economy has made it even more important to update mailing addresses as so many companies these days are moving, merging, or closing.
  3. Do you purge your response or customer file from your marketing list before mailing or emailing to prospects? I get emails inviting me to Webinars and seminars for which I have already registered. This tells me that I’ll be getting information from a company that doesn’t even follow the most basic marketing principles.

How did you do? If you are trying to save money or time by skipping any of the above practices, you are costing your company financially and strategically as well as diminishing its image.

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