In this age of ubiquitous B2B marketing best practices — who do you trust?

Google PageA Google search of “marketing best practices” brings up 52,000,000 links. “B2B marketing best practices” delivers 347,000 hits. By adding a specific channel such as “B2B email marketing best practices” the result drops to 164,000. “BtoB email marketing copy best practices” gets it down to a mere 22,800, and “BtoB email marketing design best practices” is even less popular at 17,700.

The fact is, there’s more than one “expert” out there with products, services, opinions and advice. So if your goal is to follow best practices in your marketing, you’ll have an estimated 6,066 hours of research ahead of you if you spend a mere seven minutes checking out each site.

If you get paid overtime, I say go for it. If not, here’s a way to help judge the validity of the information. Trust the practices that come from resources whose knowledge and advice is based on valid in-market split testing of one practice against another.

Use best practices to develop your marketing programs; but remember, every product and market is different. Ultimately it’s important to test those practices to make sure they lift performance for your product in your market.

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