How to handle new B2B leads.

CBR003592There’s hardly been a single marketing conference that did not have at least one session on getting marketing and sales to work better together. Everyone agrees that there have been huge gaps over the years between what sales wants and what marketing delivers. There’s way more intelligence about it today. But I must take my hat off to Ardath Albee of MarketingInteractions. She wrote a guest article for the BMI (Business Marketing Institute) that appeared in its August 18, 2009, Tuesday Marketing Notes. Entitled “The Payoff for B2B Content Marketing is Movement,” it is the all-time clearest and most accurate description of what should happen after a lead is obtained and why that I have ever read. Please, marketers, print it out, share it with everyone in marketing AND everyone in sales.

 Then, for more valuable detail about mapping content to buying stages, see an article by Russell Kern written for Target Marketing magazine called “Leverage the B-to-B Buy Cycle.” Follow what you learn and you’ll never have to attend another sales vs. marketing session again.

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