Great B2B marketing demands you do your prospects’ thinking for them.

It has been said, “Before you criticize someone, walk a mile in his shoes.” In my world of B2B direct marketing, this phrase evolves into: “Before you market to someone, step into his shoes.”

It’s always been essential to present the benefits of your product or service in addition to the features it provides. But in today’s “glad to still have a job” environment you need to realize what life is really like for your target customers now.


Picture this:

  • Over-the-top busy — stressed to the limit
  • Under pressure to reduce costs and be more productive
  • Challenged to accomplish more with fewer resources

 Marketing messages that tell this prospect about a product that “requires no special training” (or any other feature) is no longer enough. That’s because you are asking your prospect to stop and think about what a product requiring “no special training” will do for him or her.

Who’s got time to think? The job of your marketing must be to do their thinking for them.


  • TELL them how much faster workers can be doing what they were hired to do.
  • TELL them how much sooner the company can be cutting costs.
  • TELL them how you can free workers conducting training to focus on more direct revenue-generating tasks.
  • TELL them there will be no gaps in new employees being productive.
  • TELL them how your easy-to-use product can reduce the risk of costly errors.

When you spell out the benefits for your prospects, they don’t have to stop and do the mental gymnastics necessary to turn your product features into benefits. Your message gets communicated instantly, you get more marketing response, and you make more sales.


If you’re still unclear on the differences between a feature and a benefit, contact The Copy Works and find out.

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