Four Hot B2B Marketing Ideas Emerge from Blob

I’ve opted-in to receive content from a large number of marketing and technology publishers, so I get dozens of informational emails every day. These include Marketing Sherpa, Marketing Profs, Media Post, BMI, Target Marketing’s TM Tipline, BtoB Marketing, Direct Marketing News… well, the list goes on and on.

Every email offers educational content, a Webinar invite or a newsletter, and they all promise that the information is “must have” and will transform my marketing success.

The sad thing is, I make my living writing promises like that. But, sometimes, due to sheer volume, the emails and offers I receive melt together into one all-consuming blob.

It makes me worry that all the emails my clients are sending out might be perceived as a blob on the desk of their prospects. Then I see one offer that has a promise that relates to my area of interest and I respond. Then I see another, then another. It reminds me that it’s not the blob of promises that are the problem, but the targeting of the message. When the right message gets to the right prospect, it will resonate and generate a response.

Here are the valuable ideas I got from the few recent email offers that emerged from the blob for me:

1. Take this approach to produce more powerful educational content: When creating lead generation and nurturing content offers, it’s important for B2B marketers to leverage the knowledge their organization has that its competition does not.
From Chris Kraft, Principle and Co-Founder, Splash Media, LP

2. Extend the buy cycle past the purchase stage: Prospects go through four stages in the buying cycle: Interest, Consideration, Evaluation, and Purchase. Once a lead has been converted to a buyer, add the “Advocacy” stage offering incentives to customers in exchange for endorsements and referrals.
From Laura Lear, Director of Marketing, NCM Fathom

3. Leverage the biggest value in B2B social media: It’s difficult to time B2B marketing programs to the exact moment when a prospect has a need for a product or service being offered. A B2B marketer’s social media team should listen into the target community’s conversations and wait for the moment that group is discussing the problem that the marketer’s product or service can solve. It’s then that the prospect(s) should be approached.
From Beth Harte, The Harte of Marketing

4. Generate more leads from B2B Web sites: To generate more leads from a B2B Web site, add more frequent calls to action and vary them. “A lot of B2B companies dump ‘request a quote’ (or just contact us) on their site as their only lead generation method. This sucks. You need to offer several different ways for the user to connect with you – request a quote is fine (and recommended) but also consider offering a free newsletter, free tips, a free webinar or podcast, ask the expert, a poll/survey, and so on.”
From Amy Africa, EightbyEight

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