Copywriting Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What’s involved in using your B2B marketing copywriting services?

Your project begins with a phone call. During that call you answer my questions about the elements needed for me to provide you with strategic marketing advice and to write compelling B2B marketing copy for you. The elements I need to know include the following:

1. Description of your market — What field or industry, and what titles do you want to reach? These are the people who make the decisions and influence the decisions. Also, are you conducting B2B marketing to new prospects, pipeline prospects or customers?

2. Type of project — Do you want to conduct a B2B marketing program to generate leads, nurture leads, make an immediate sale, set appointments, generate attendance to an event or Webinar or any other B2B marketing goal? Do you need your Website transformed into a true lead generating or sales generating B2B marketing tool? Do you need business marketing content written for B2B lead generation, to nurture B2B leads in your sales pipeline, to build an online knowledgebase, to hand out at trade shows or for any other marketing purpose?

3. Offer being made — To generate the response from your B2B marketing campaign, are you offering informational content such as a white paper, guide, checklist, or an offer that closes sales such as discounts or added services? Haven’t decided? I can provide strategic guidance on this important decision.

4. Channel preferred — If your project is a B2B direct marketing campaign, will you need B2B email copy, direct mail marketing copy, B2B search engine marketing ad copy, abstracts for content syndication, magazine ad copy, data sheet copy, sales sheet copy or product brochure copy?

5. Call to action desired — For a campaign, do you want your prospects to click to landing page copy or microsite copy, call your telesales department, call your sales department, visit your booth, sign up for a Webinar, visit a location or any other action?

After the initial phone call, I write a full draft of the copy and send it to you for your review. Then we communicate again by phone or email to go over the marketing copy and discuss any corrections or revisions you would like. I will make those changes and send the copy back to you. We repeat the process until we both agree the copy is final and ready for design.

How do you charge for your B2B copywriting and consulting services?

Once I know the scope of your marketing project or consulting focus, I provide a “not to exceed” bid. No work is begun until there is an understanding of the amount to be charged on that project. If the work takes me less time than estimated, you will be charged for actual time. If it takes more time, you would not be charged more than the agreed-to bid. Costs include two rounds of minor revisions (“minor” meaning revisions to less than 10% of the copy). Additional services beyond the scope of the original bid (e.g., extensive revisions, copy additions, further research, additional meeting time or interviews) are billed at a rate of $75/hour. Additional costs are always approved prior to being incurred.

How do you bill for your B2B copywriting and consulting services?

I email you an invoice at the end of each month during the course of the B2B marketing copywriting or consulting project for hours incurred that month, or at the completion of the work, whichever comes first.

Do you provide Web site, email marketing, direct mail marketing, landing page, microsite, product brochure or content design work?

Because of my 20+ years as a B2B direct response copywriter, I have many terrific B2B marketing designers as colleagues. It’s easy for me to coordinate the design for your Web site, email marketing, direct mail marketing, landing page, microsite or content. You can get the B2B marketing copywriting and the marketing design work from a single source.

How fast can you turn around a B2B marketing copywriting assignment?

Depending on my current copywriting workload, most projects, except complete Web sites, can be turned around in 5 working days or less.

How much do you charge for B2B copywriting services or consulting?

Each project is unique; however, feel free to contact me at 858-676-6757 or to get a quick estimate on your proposed project.

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