Direct mail is not passe in this Internet Age

On Sunday I watched a DVD of “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” and am sad to say that looking at cars, the clothes and the hairdos (definitely NOT the atomic testing) made me wish to experience the simplicity of life in the 50s. B2B marketing was simpler then, too. This was pre-Web sites, pre-SEO/SEM, pre-email, pre-PURLs, pre-Twitter. Back then, integrated B2B marketing meant print ads, a limited use of broadcast, and the field I was to enter in the 80s — direct mail marketing.



Yes, today’s new media is deservedly hot in spite of its complexity. What I miss, however, is the understanding on the part of my B2B clients (especially the high-tech folks) of how vital it is to include direct mail in their B2B integrated marketing mix. Why? Because it still WORKS!



“Well, my clients are all IT professionals. They prefer to do all their business online” is what I typically hear. Yet, time and time again, campaigns including direct mail — at least, those that follow best practices — consistently show, not only a huge boost in response, but a lowered cost-per-response and cost-per-sale even when the audience is IT.



The other big advantage is that rented mailing lists typically have more names, and more information about those names (titles, company size, company behavior), than email lists do. B2B direct mail lead generation best practices are easy to follow. Just take a look at a direct mail letter I wrote for Epicor, a leading Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution provider. It follows best practices and is a powerful tool in today’s B2B integrated lead generation campaigns.


Even if you hate the cars, the clothes, and the hairdos, there is something from the 50s you should re-experience today. It will make a difference in your marketing success.