Geckos, attorneys and satisfied customers.

On my very first project as a direct marketing copywriter I ran up against a little barrier — company attorneys. The client was GEFCO (Government Employees Financial Corporation), known these days by their cute green gecko as GEICO.   The direct mail letter I wrote was for selling CDs (I don’t want to date myself, […]

Not a creative bone in your body? That’s good news.

In today’s world, being creative is considered a very desirable trait. Writing clever jingles, funny ads, copy that makes readers smile, eye-catching banners or memorable tag lines is a talent possessed by only the best of the best. If you’re looking for work at BBDO, Ogilvy & Mather, Young & Rubicam, DDB or any one […]

Is your B2B marketing approach right for this down economy?: Take this 2-minute quiz and find out.

Reading a number of excellent articles in the April 09 issue of Target Marketing magazine got me thinking about how much I love direct marketing. Unlike advertising that is designed to change a person’s attitude, direct marketing is designed to make a person do something: call a phone number, visit a location, accept an invitation, […]

Where will your company be when the economy recovers?

Most companies these days are cutting costs and it’s pretty tough to choose the right place to make those cuts. Depending on what’s necessary for your operation, your options may be very limited. So marketing is likely to be one of the areas you scrutinize.     Because of that, I feel obligated to share […]

Great B2B marketing demands you do your prospects’ thinking for them.

It has been said, “Before you criticize someone, walk a mile in his shoes.” In my world of B2B direct marketing, this phrase evolves into: “Before you market to someone, step into his shoes.” It’s always been essential to present the benefits of your product or service in addition to the features it provides. But […]

Powerful lead generating alternatives to white papers

In the world of B2B lead generation, far be it from me to knock the value of White Papers. IT professionals looking for information on any technical issue search for and find just what they want to know in White Papers posted on content syndication sites including TechTarget, WebBuyers Guide, IDG Connect, Network World, TradePub […]

Integrated marketing means the use of ALL appropriate marketing channels.

Yikes! Getting marketing guidance on the Internet may or may not be a good idea. What prompts me to say that? Yesterday I read an article (writer shall remain anonymous to protect his identity) about integrated marketing. It was all great until I saw the list of channels. They were ALL online.   “Integrated” means […]

Direct mail is not passe in this Internet Age

On Sunday I watched a DVD of “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” and am sad to say that looking at cars, the clothes and the hairdos (definitely NOT the atomic testing) made me wish to experience the simplicity of life in the 50s. B2B marketing was simpler then, too. This was […]

A new endangered species — marketing best practices.

What’s the best thing about being an independent direct marketing consultant and copywriter? Every day my brain gets refreshed and I’m forced to address the challenges of a new client and a new market. No two days are ever alike. In the morning it’s writing lead generation emails to Fortune 1000 companies selling enterprise-wide, mission-critical […]