B2B marketing’s one-stop manual of content best practices.

Recognizing the critical importance of content in B2B marketing, a colleague of mine, Paul Mosenson, is tapping the knowledge and expertise of a number of marketing communication strategists to help support his NuSpark Marketing venture. He’s started a group on LinkedIn, “B2B Lead Generation & Content Marketing,” and has gathered together a collection of top blog posts from his team.

It’s a privilege for me to be part of this impressive group of marketers. But it’s also good luck for the B2B marketers reading this post. Because Paul has put together a collection of these top posts into an eBook that makes a top-notch reference guide to best practices for all aspects of using content in lead generation, nurturing and moving prospects through the buy cycle. This collection includes 20 excellent posts (two of which are mine) on every angle of content planning and preparation you can imagine. Here are the titles of what’s included:

  • How Good Content Can Grow Your Business
  • 5 Rock-Bottom Rules for Effective B2B Marketing Content Offers
  • How to Boost Content Downloads
  • A Matter of Trust
  • Message Maps – Easier Content Creation
  • 9 Steps to Continuous Content Improvement
  • Interruption Marketing; Billy May Exposed
  • 20/20 Insight/Content Strategy
  • Creating Value and Trust
  • Military Intelligence (re: effectively reaching outside of marketing)
  • 3 Easy Steps to a True Value Proposition
  • 2 Key Ingredients to Social Media Content
  • Content Marketing for Your Brand
  • Using Customer Stories to Nurture Leads
  • White Papers for Lead Generation
  • Using Email to Promote Your Content
  • Matching Content to Buyer Personas
  • Feeling Stumped when Creating Content?
  • Is Your Content Having an Identity Crisis?
  • Content, SEO, and Landing Pages

This book is for B2B marketers generating leads, nurturing leads, boosting the company’s brand recognition, delving into social media, improving the Web site, or other tasks. It takes them through the all-important steps that need to be completed before creating one word of content, then through how to make sure that the content resonates with their audience.

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  1. BizSugar.com says:

    B2B marketing’s one-stop manual of content best practices….

    B2B marketers can learn the important steps in building an effective content marketing strategy, then how to write content that resonates with their audience….

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