B2B marketing efforts that deliver big payoffs.

B2B marketers get hammered daily with so many pieces of advice that it’s hard to know what to do next.

Just this morning I got an article from LinkedIn Today — “4 Blogging Tips to Double Your Site Traffic” — that endorses the power of videos and blogging. Written by Louise Julig for SocialMediaExaminer.com, it tells of how a video and a huge commitment to their blog and its content generated these remarkable results for Block Imaging International Inc.

“Sales volume has increased significantly enough since September that the company — which had been in a slump — hired 13 employees, including 3 additional salespeople.” But best of all, that single post with the video generated a $70K order.

This is a perfect example in which new technologies and new inbound channels deliver bottom-line results. But it took a huge commitment in time and effort by the players at Block Imaging to make it happen.

On the outbound side of the fence, I recently had a client send an email to its house list and experience a significantly higher-than-average response. This email did not offer free informational content, but was designed to generate calls and emails directly to sales.

The client is a company selling technology and services to CIOs in a very small, very vertical market. Most of the time, they send every B2B email marketing effort to their entire list of CIOs. However, in this particular effort, they put much time and energy into refining their targeting.

The product and service being offered related to a compliance issue faced by their market. With this email, they took the time and effort to select the specific state in which each company resided. Then they personalized each message with verbiage that read something like:

If you’re looking for ways to meet this (compliance issue)
look no further.

ABC Company has already helped [XX] companies
in [Name of State] achieve this functionality . . .

The client built 24 versions of the email, for prospects in 24 states, each in HTML and text. Within days they had gotten 25 responses — with many asking for more information. Again, this was not an offer for informational content but a “deep buy cycle” offer.

Both the inbound and outbound campaigns put in the extra time and effort necessary to use best practices. If B2B marketers reading this post get only one message, it’s that making a commitment and putting in the effort to follow best practices — whether inbound or outbound marketing — has a big payoff.

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  1. Nick Stamoulis
    Nick Stamoulis says:

    Making a commitment is the key to success in pretty much anything. Especially in terms of internet marketing, you need to invest time and resources into your campaign in order to see results. Many people assume that marketing is a “set and forget” process. The most effective marking (both outbound and inbound) are successful because of the time put into the campaign.

  2. Heather Stone
    Heather Stone says:

    This is an impressive approach. I have to say I’ve generally been suspicious of any strategy that suggests a one size fits all for driving traffic, but I do think some kinds of content clearly work better with readers than others.

  3. Krista Kotrla
    Krista Kotrla says:

    Thanks for mentioning the case study about Block Imaging, Susan. So glad you found some value in our example. Commitment and “all in” effort are huge. As we say in Texas, “go big or go home”! :-)


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    B2B marketing efforts that deliver big payoffs….

    Getting B2B marketing done and getting it done right can mean two different things. Two companies discover that the extra effort to do it right has a big payoff….

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