B2B marketing content that disappoints.

One of our favorite genres in my Netflix-viewing household is action films. Like all films, however, to be memorable they need to contain more than action. They need characters one cares about so that the action has meaning.

It continues to amaze us how many of the films we get are disappointing. Regardless of how much action these movies contain, the characters do not resonate, the plot is weak or meaningless, the script is poor, and the acting is often amateurish. Fortunately, for movie makers, there are plenty of viewers out there who will pay to see action for the sake of action, so the movies that disappoint us are still money-makers.

That’s not true for B2B marketing content.

Regardless of the form in which the content is delivered — white paper, video, podcast, guide, interactive form — it must satisfy multiple criteria or it will not be a money-maker. It must add value, be well written, and be formatted in a way that is inviting and doesn’t diminish readability. If the content does not deliver what has been promised, or adds no value to the prospect, it reflects poorly on the B2B company that promoted it.

Adding any one of these seven elements to B2B marketing content ensures that it will have value as a lead-generation tool.

  1. Ideas and usable take-aways on how to do something better
  2. Insight into what’s happening that could affect future practices
  3. Introduction to new ways of doing things
  4. Case studies of how peers are handling challenges or critical issues
  5. Checklists or assessments that help prospects determine how well they are handling a task or challenge
  6. Benchmarks or standards being achieved in a given industry
  7. Ways to calculate ROI or other metrics

Offering content is a solid way to generate leads for B2B companies. Unlike action films, however, content for the sake of content doesn’t cut it.

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  1. Nick Stamoulis
    Nick Stamoulis says:

    Content that is thin or of poor quality can be just as bad as no content at all. If you’re going to create content on behalf of a brand, it needs to be good. Poor content can harm a reputation.


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  1. BizSugar.com says:

    B2B marketing content that disappoints….

    Poorly done action films can still make money. Poorly done B2B marketing content is a whole other story….

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