B2B marketing automation is finally integrated.

You may have heard me shouting with joy recently when I received my latest copy of Deliver Magazine, the marketing magazine put out by the U.S. Postal Service. The article I loved is entitled “Pulling the Trigger“, which you can read in full by downloading the issue.

What it reports is that Eloqua, one of today’s more well-known B2B marketing automation providers, is now testing the integration of direct mail into its automated offerings.

They started the testing in one of their own marketing campaigns — as Elle Woulfe, Eloqua’s director, marketing programs reports, “To get our message in front of executives, we need to reach them over their preferred channels. By adding a direct mail touch to an integrated e-mail campaign, we hoped to open the door with new contacts and reach them outside of their inbox. If an executive target clicked through an Eloqua e-mail, a customized direct mail response was activated.  One card, themed ‘Cash Cow,’ went to CMOs. Another, entitled ‘Profit Prophet,’ went to non-CMO prospects. The cards featured themed graphics, first-name personalization and a QR code. Executives who didn’t respond immediately received a triggered e-mail; those who did respond drew another direct mailing. All mail pieces were tracked, so when a card was delivered, it instantly activated the next marketing step.”

All marketers today are endorsing integrated marketing and reaching out to prospects in different ways with different kinds of content. The reason integrated marketing works so well is that it gives B2B marketers a greater chance of reaching more of their prospects in the way that those prospects are most receptive to receiving information.

There may be a big and popular “cloud” out there, but B2B buyers still read their mail. Congrats to Eloqua for integrating offline into their online and offering truly integrated B2B marketing.

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  2. BizSugar.com says:

    B2B marketing automation is finally integrated….

    B2B marketers using marketing automation often use the term integrated marketing. But until now, few have included productive offline channels in the mix….

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