B2B marketing automation hindsight.

Marketing experts have been beating the drum of marketing automation for quite some time now. If a B2B company is not using marketing automation yet, they could feel behind the times.

Today, however, those who have NOT implemented marketing automation yet are in luck.

Recently, a survey of marketing automation users conducted by Software Advice reveals what users of marketing automation wish they had done when selecting their software automation vendor. B2B marketers who have held off moving into marketing automation can now benefit from this valuable hindsight.

Lauren Carlson, CRM Analyst at Software Advice, reports the results of this survey in her recent post “What Do You Wish You Had Asked Your MA Vendor?”

Each participant was asked, “What questions do you wish you had asked your marketing automation vendor before purchasing?” Their responses fall into four areas: integration, support/training, roadmap and maintenance. Lauren’s post highlights these top 10 most popular questions:

  1. How do the marketing automation and CRM systems work together?
  2. Can we have a bi-directional sync between the marketing tool and our CRM software?
  3. If we discontinue using the software how do we get our valuable lead information and lead activity out of the system to load in the next system?
  4. What kind of training is required to get program managers up to speed, and what is the learning curve?
  5. What level is the instruction and is it customizable to meet the level of knowledge that our team currently has?
  6. In terms of customer service, what happens after implementation? Is there something in the contract that can guarantee a set of dedicated reps or a minimum turnaround time for customer service requests?
  7. What is your roadmap for the coming year and how committed are you to delivering on that? (i.e., when you announce a new user interface, how long before it’s actually rolled out?)
  8. Is the solution robust enough to handle our long-term goals?
  9. How complex is the system to maintain?
  10. How much down-time does the system have and how does that affect our usage of the tool?

You’ll want to catch her full post to read the insightful comments of those interviewed. For B2B marketers who have not yet made the move to marketing automation, I say thanks to Software Advice and Lauren for providing this valuable guide to help them choose the right provider.

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