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The most popular posts from B2B Marketing Smarts in 2012.

What follows are the five most popular blogs posted on B2B Marketing Smarts in 2012. They are not only packed with useful information on B2B marketing best practices, but they can give B2B marketers a little insight into what their competitors may be researching, reading and implementing now and into the coming year. In case […]

B2B marketing: The truth behind the trends for 2013–Part II

Last week, I judged the validity and value of the first ten of Hubspot’s “20 Marketing Trends and Predictions for 2013 and Beyond.” This trend report covers the issues that marketers are being encouraged to pay attention to and incorporate into their planning for 2013. Here is my take on items 11 through 20: Good […]

B2B marketing: The truth behind the trends for 2013

Hubspot, a leading inbound marketing provider, is a great resource for B2B marketing how-tos and best practices. I just took advantage of their offer to download the “20 Marketing Trends and Predictions for 2013 and Beyond” they compiled. These are the issues that marketers are being encouraged to pay attention to and incorporate into their […]

Use December to assess B2B marketing practices for 2013.

December is traditionally a slow month in which to conduct B2B marketing, with the possible exception of outbound calling. When B2B buyers are in the holiday spirit they are typically more likely to take calls. But since December isn’t great for marketing, it’s the perfect month to assess B2B marketing plans and practices for 2013. […]

Making B2B marketing landing pages something to CRO about.

The content in an online session I recently attended made me very happy. The session was about maximizing and tracking online conversions. These efforts are now referred to as CRO — for Conversion Rate Optimization. What made me happy was that the session confirmed that the landing page best practices I know are still valid […]

B2B marketing’s 6 most common design mistakes

My recent post on “B2B marketing’s 10 most common copy mistakes,” attracted many readers. Since copy doesn’t stand alone, it made sense to update and repeat a post from 2009 on common B2B marketing design mistakes. That post began with me talking about why I love “direct” marketing more than advertising. Direct marketing is a […]

Writing B2B email subject lines with complete confidence

Many thanks to Jay Schwedelson, President & CEO of Worldata, for my richest learning experience at the recent Direct Marketing Association (DMA) 2012 Conference. His topic of “What’s Working Now: Critical Email & Emerging Media Trends” was packed with information on how to make B2B emails work better. The information he provided isn’t based on […]

B2B marketing secrets were rife at the 2012 DMA Conference.

My recent attendance at the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) Annual Conference and Trade Show produced a wealth of B2B marketing learning. The sessions I attended were full of quantitative information on best practices. The booths I visited revealed a number of sophisticated new technologies for managing customer communications, refining customer data, personalizing mailing packages and […]

B2B marketing know-it-alls are on a fast path to failure.

In the course of putting together a marketing program for a client recently, I had the opportunity to call a colleague I had not worked with in many years. In our initial conversation I asked about her daughter (whose age I had forgotten). My colleague responded by saying, “She’s a senior in high school now […]