A quick return to Marketing 101 — as some B2B marketers appear to have missed it.

When contacted to do B2B marketing copywriting by a prospective new client, the first thing I do, of course, is check out their Web site. It’s then that I often see this dreadful word. Not only do I see it, but it is often the first word in the first paragraph on the home page.


The word is “we.”


Even though Marketing 101 teaches that all marketing messages should answer the potential customer question “What’s in it for me,” I still see the use of “we” a frightening amount of time. In fact, whether they use the word “we” in their copy, or focus on the “you,” it tells me instantly about this prospective client’s level of marketing sophistication.


I rarely use the word “we.” If a message requires a reference to the company, I use the company’s name. That way the name gets more brand exposure and it doesn’t appear as if the company is focusing on itself.


The time that leads really care about a company is when they begin making buying decisions and want to know the track record, reliability, and stability of the company with which they are planning to do business. Until then, marketers should do their best remove the word “we” from their vocabulary.

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