3 simple technologies B2B marketers can love.

Has the day come when technology can replace the B2B marketer? I think not. But two Web-based analysis tools, and a tool for interacting with B2B event attendees, may help them be a lot more effective.

  1. AttentionWizard.com is a “Visual Attention Prediction Tool for Landing Pages.” Technically, it “simulates human vision during the first 5 seconds of exposure to visuals, and creates an eye-tracking heatmap based on an algorithm that predicts what a real human would be most likely to look at.” Ranging from $27 to $197 per month, this tool tells B2B marketers scientifically how the layout and organization of their Landing Pages might enhance or detract from its performance. I believe it offers a free trial.
  2. OfferGrader™ was discovered by Dale Underwood of B2B Conversations Now. It is the site builder’s first attempt at “a tool that would help our B2B clients gauge the strength of the call-to-action offers they provide on their websites to assist with b2b lead generation.” One look at the site told me immediately that, even if you don’t run their analysis against an actual site, it gives you a pretty quick list of the elements that would improve its performance. It’s in its trial form now; therefore, there’s no cost to try it.
  3. David Meerman Scott of WebInkNow has focused a few blogs lately on QR codes. Although I think they’re very cool, I also know that they are new enough right now. So usage is small and not without some technology barriers. However, Scott’s latest post on the subject does point out two excellent uses of QR codes for B2B marketers at trade shows and conferences that are well worth reading.

Check out these tools and posts. I think B2B marketers should find them to be interesting additions to their portfolio of solutions.

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