20 years of marketing know-how summarized in 3 words

Some of us in marketing still attend live ” yes, live” presentations in spite of the glut of informational Webinars we can watch from our offices with no expense and no travel time. But my outing last week to the San Diego Direct Marketing Association’s luncheon was well worth both.

carrot on a stick incentiveThe presenter was Douglas Walker, author of “A-ha! PERFORMANCE: Building & Managing A Self-Motivated Workforce.” He is a speaker, trainer, executive coach and human capital management consultant, so his focus is human nature and workforce motivation, not marketing.

Yet, he was able to put the elements necessary for successful B2B marketing (and sales) into just 3 simple words “clarity, attainability and payoff.”

Here’s what these words mean to B2B marketers:

Clarity: Quickly and clearly communicate what you are offering and how to get it.
Example: Click here to register for the 3-hour Executive Briefing on March 3, 2010

Attainability: Communicate what is needed to get it “time, money, effort, etc.
Example: Complimentary, just 3 hours of your time.

Payoff: Communicate what attendees will get by asking for it.
Example: Learn how to make your operation more flexible, agile and competitive.

These 3 points are also what is involved in converting leads to sales. Buyers must know what they are getting, that they can afford it, that it can be implemented in their operation, and what they will gain by using the product or service.

The information is not new, but it’s always a bit startling to have the essence of one’s field described so accurately, yet so simply.

Marketers, whether new to the field or old-timers, should make sure that if we do nothing else, we remember these 3 words: clarity, attainability and payoff.

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